We always opening, everyday non-stop for 365 days!
The store will be open from 10:30AM – 19:30PM
The First game start at 11:00AM and the last game start at 21:00PM

*Please make a reservation 1 day in advance for the timeslot of 7:00PM upto 21:00PM
*The players MUST ARRIVE 15 MINS, before the game start.



Ticket to Mystery is one of the best “Escape Game Room” in Bangkok that you could find!
Our exciting and thrilling live escape game is an activity which is suitable for every age range.

Let’s gather your squads and play this interactive game together,
you can play the game with up to 6 players at once! Corporate team events are welcome!

“Time Traveling” is the main theme!
By hopping on our time machine
you will be able to travel through the world’s timeline and solve the unsolved mysteries around the world!

Join us into a journey(s) to the past of London 1888 and Japan 1725, or buckle up for a fast-forward journey to the futuristic world of 2035.
Also, last but not least is an unexpected journey to the wrong place and time in B.C.1332 of Ancient Egypt.


You have 60 minutes in a closed room that fills with many mysteries,
you are allow to ask for some hints but we’re counting on you to deduce the facts of the case that leads to the truth.

Unlock the boxes full of secret, Use you intelligence to solve the riddles to reveal the truth . . .
Who’s the real villain in London Ripper, Where’s the lost notebook in Ghost Tower,
Who stole the legendary sword in Honjo Masamune and Where’s the Pharaoh missing piece in Curse of the Pharaoh.



“You won’t regret choosing Ticket to Mystery to hold your event,
we are the number one choice for team building, parties, or other celebrations”

Please contact us for more information:
Email: store@tickettomystery.com
Tel: (+66)99 – 049 – 3058 [11AM – 8PM]