“Is it possible to travel through time?” asked no one
I replied “Would you like to find out? Take my hand and let’s see.”
-Quoted Prof. Alfred Friedlander

Help us unlock the greatest mysteries throughout the 4 histories!
“Time Traveling”is the main theme! By hopping on our time machine you will be able to travel back and forth
through the world’s timeline. Complete the mission(s) to save the histories and reveal the truth!

Travel through time into the past of London in the 1880’s and Japan in the 1720’s
or Travel backward into the B.C. 1332 of Ancient Egypt.
Last but not least, Travel fast forward into the future to a post apocalyptic world in 2035.

Gather you squads or family members to play this interactive and immersive role playing game with up to 5 players!



You’ll have 60 minutes
in a closed room that fills with many mysteries,
we can give you clues/hints but we’re counting on you to deduce the facts of the case that leads to the truth.

Find the clues, Solve the riddles and unlock the puzzles to learn . . .
Who’s the real murderer in Lonpon Ripper, Where’s the missing notebook in Ghost Tower,
Who stole the legendary samurai sword in Honjo Masamune and Where’s the Pharaoh missing piece in Curse of the Pharaoh.


“If you fail you’ll be trapped in the sands of time, doomed for eternity”
-Quoted Prof. Alfred Friedlander