10:30AM TILL 21:00PM
We always opening, everyday and all year 365 days!
The First game start at 11:00AM and the last game start at 21:00PM

*All players MUST ARRIVE 15MINS, before the game start.


There are 3 ways, you can book for your time travel adventure!

1) Via “Website”
– You can book or reserve for your adventure through our website,
where you can select the date and time you’re prefer and see if it’s still available or not.

You can select to pay in advance by linking to your PayPal account
or you can select to pay for your ticket(s) in cash, once you arrive at the store.
Payment method: PayPal or Cash

2) Via “Walk-in”
– You can choose to visit us and reserve your game time by walk-in.
For this choice, there is no guarantee if the room you’re prefer will be available at the moment or not.
Payment method: PayPal or Cash

3) Via “Phone Call”
– You can give our staff a call and ask to reserve the game.
For this choice, we may have to interrupt you for a moment
because our staff need to gather your info(s) for the booking process.
eg. Your full name, email and contact number.
Payment method: Cash


Can I understand the games and the staff? If I am a Thai/English native speaker?
Our staff is fluent in Thai and English, plus a few other languages.

Can I play the game alone?

A: The fact is YOU CAN, but you must pay for TWO tickets.
It is recommended that the minimum player MUST 2 players and the maximum capacity is 5 players.

Are the games scary?  Are there loud noises?

A: Since each theme has it’s own story.
There won’t be a jump scare, but there might be a creepy prop in London Ripper.

For the noises, there will be a sound effect in every rooms.
If the sound effect is too loud or too scare to handle, you can ask our staff
to turn down the volume or to turn off the sound effect for you.

What is the appropriate age range?

A: The players MUST BE 7+ years-old, to admitted to the game rooms.
If the players are under 16 years-old, there MUST BE one of the guardian accompanied them.

Anyhow; mysterious rooms and games are entertaining brain twisters,
which suitable for everyone from 7 up to 100 years-old!

How should I prepare myself for a time travel adventure?

A: Dress properly and do not get wasted before the game!
The admission may be refused for anyone dressed inappropriately or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How do the Game Master monitor my playing progress?

A: Each room is equipped with a closed circuit TV to ensure for the players safety.
The Game Master will be in the CCTV Room, to monitor you game progress.
If there’s an emergency situation happen, the Game Master will rush there to assist you.

How do I let the Game Master know, I need help or hints?

A: Before riding the time machine, the Game Master will give you a communicate tool.
A Buzzer to press, when you need help or Walkies-Talky to communicate.

What if I fail the mission(s)? Will I be trapped in there?

A: Well… Generally, YES! YOU WILL BE LOCKED UP IN THERE!… NAH that was a joke! You won’t be locked in there.
If you’re fail to complete the game then the Game Master will be there to escort you back to the present world.


An Escape Game is physical adventure game in which the players are locked in a room
and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape with in a set time limit.

This requires a number of players, in order to solve all of the riddles. Some action like brainstorming is a part of the game,
which make a huge role to build a cooperate skill, harmonious and encouraging a person to suggest a comment(s).

Also, to solve each of our unique and challenge puzzle, you need to use your creativity to …
“DO NOT think as a square but you MUST think out of the box!”